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    Metro-Police political "acts"


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    Metro-Police political "acts"

    Post by Xeanos on Thu Jan 19, 2012 8:58 am

    I was thinking to myself about the Metro-Police and their take on Citizenry inside and outside of City 11 and I came to a spark of an idea. If you notice, there are many acts and politcal views that are considered to be illegal inside and outside of the City. However, there are not known forms or political acts that mark them illegal. I know that the Metro-Police are an off-world idea but, the members of the Civil Protection are still human.

    My suggestion? Make some poltical forms and signings with the CWU on certain acts that Citizens must abide by. Though, I know what you are thinking - 'Why would the Combine or Metro-Police even agree to that?' To give the impression to the Citizenry that the Metro-Police are nicer than they seem. I know that the Metro-Police will not abide by these acts but atleast a Citizen knows why something is illegal instead of how it is illegal.

    If people lack the ambition on the subject of politcal views to write up these acts - I will.

    p.s - pls add riot sheilds pls

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