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    "Why are the Union-issued weapons ID-locked?" "How do I unlock them?" Here's your answer.

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    "Why are the Union-issued weapons ID-locked?" "How do I unlock them?" Here's your answer.

    Post by Sinic on Tue Mar 06, 2012 8:37 pm

    "Why are the Union-issued weapons ID-locked?"

    There is OOC reasons, and IC reasons.

    OOC Reasons
    - To make OTA/CP not a valuable target for minging RDMers.
    - ^ If they didn't know the ID-lock system was in place, they would get nothing from killing an OTA/CP in the end.
    - So anyone that has their own OTA/CP cannot exploit OpenAura and transfer it to their other characters effectively.
    - So OTA/CP can actually be fearRP'd with properly, instead of seeing it as a walking armoury that can give it's items to you if you murder them.
    - Lowers the amount of weapons distributed to the server.

    IC Reasons
    - The Union want to make sure that in the cities, and the outlands, that the citizens/refugees don't achieve a huge reward for killing/incapacitating a unit.
    - To reduce the amount of anti-civil activity in the city and the chances of resistance uprising.

    Common Arguments

    "If in Half-Life 2, a heavily protected like City 17 doesn't use ID-locked weaponry, then why does City 11 use that system in Esoteric's canon?"
    The major reason for it is the OOC reasons, to make sure minges don't get their hands on it and exploiters don't transfer the weapon to other characters, also to reduce the amount of resistance members and citizens with weaponry, getting a USP in the city should be as tough as finding a SPAS-12 in the outlands.

    "What can I receive from killing a CP then? Doesn't that provoke the use of V (heavy trading) flags?"
    First off, you can recieve the ammunition carried in the CP's weapon, by pressing E on it and clicking "Ammo", and sure, it may provoke the use of buying shipments, but the user of that flag should be instructed on how to use the trading flags properly, also, there is a few (admin authorized) characters that can unlock the weapons themselves, the USP Match being the easiest to unlock.

    "How do I unlock them?"

    I won't tell you exactly how you unlock them ICly, but there is people who can do it who have the knowledge, they must be admin authorized though, you can't just make a character and say he knows how to unlock the weaponry and knows everything about Combine technology, intelligence like that is rare, and could only be found in character's similar to a Black Mesa scientist, which who are also extremely rare to find, and the remaining are known to be in the area of City 17.

    USPs tend to be the most easiest to unlock for the tech-smart people that can unlock them, but weaponry like the MP7 and SPAS-12 tend to be more difficult, and the AR2, well, there is an extremely tough processes to unlock it, even for someone who knows how to break off the ID-lock in general, no one has managed to get an AR2 working.


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    Re: "Why are the Union-issued weapons ID-locked?" "How do I unlock them?" Here's your answer.

    Post by H.Drescher on Wed Mar 07, 2012 2:31 am

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